Access to your travel, roadside and security assistance anytime, anywhere.


Mirror, mirror on the web...
What are the key features of them all?

Our 24×7 live-chat is available to you wherever you are. Instead of dialing in, chat with our friendly & super helpful personnel and get your queries answered.

Out of the country? Roaming calls can be pretty expensive. With Nomad, you can get the help you need without getting a phone bill-shock later on.

Can’t start your car? Flat tyre? Or worse, crashed your car… Request for a tow truck directly on Nomad and track the status of your case in real-time.

Covid-19? Civil unrest? Public demonstration? Get up-to-date global travel feeds, recommendations and more  (Coming soon in 2021)


No Download Required.

No App Fatigue.

Nomad is web application that works with any standard internet browser (both on mobile and desktop). So no more worrying about data utilization, large app download size or limited free space on your phone. No more deleting unused apps!


Enterprise Grade Solution

Security and scalability baked right into Nomad.

Enterprise Architecture

Nomad is designed with security, availability and scalability on the get-go. Every line of code, every algorithm, and every piece of the “puzzle” is carefully designed to ensure Nomad conforms to the highest of standards (and those required by the authorities such as PDPA or PDPC).  Also, all data are encrypted and stored in highly secured environment.

Our solution, Your Brand.

White-label available for enterprise customers

White label

Nomad is a fully-managed software application (SaaS) and is available for white-labelling. Thus, giving you the quickest and lowest digital acquisition cost, at the same time enjoying the benefit of your own brand visibility, impression and reach. Alternatively, if you would like to integrate Nomad into your existing application, we can extend our API’s to you. 

Speak to us to explore more. 

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