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“This app will be the first I will delete if my phone runs out of memory space”. ​

I will never forget this remark I once overheard from an ex-colleague many years back. It was harsh but sadly very true. Why build something that has no real-life value?

And on that note, Nomad was built with one goal in mind – to serve the purpose of why it should even exist in the first place. Besides that, the way Nomad is designed, it can’t be deleted! *evil laughter* 

Nomad is a web application that works with any standard internet browser with no download required. It is designed from a user’s perspective (duh), but the difference is, we put ourselves in a very tight stinky shoe when developing it.

At Across Asia Assist, one of our core service offering is providing Emergency Roadside Assistance, ie. despatch of tow truck and/or mechanic during a vehicle breakdown or accident. In over 10 years of experience,  we have encountered all sorts of scenarios and understood well what the people need that is still lacking in the market. 

Before we go on to talk about Nomad, let’s picture this together (without the shoe):

Next thought – “What do I do?”
  1. You’re 30, don’t even think about calling your dad.
  2. No, you certainly do not need a boyfriend/husband for days like this. Trust me, they don’t know what to do either.
Like how any person would feel when their vehicle broke down in the middle of the road, or worst, a car crash, it can be a little overwhelming… What one needs at that very moment is immediate help that is hassle free. 

So here comes the challenges following a breakdown or a road accident:

  1. Panicky customer scrambles to look for the emergency hotline number to call for help.
  2. Panicky customer tries to explain the situation over the phone, by the roadside, amidst the loud blaring sound of vehicles passing by. 
  3. Panicky customer is unable to describe the location of where he/she is stranded at. 
  4. Battery low because panicky customer watched K-drama all night and forgot to charge the phone.
  5. Panicky customer is not contactable because he/she has been calling everyone on his/her phone book to relay the misfortunate that has befell upon the poor vehicle.
  6. Panicky customer then complains of receiving too many phone calls from the Emergency Assist Team even though the truth is there was only 1 call that got through to inform panicky customer that the tow truck is on its way.
I’m sure you’ve got the gist of it and hence the birth of Nomad. 
The concept itself is not new, in fact many service providers have launched similar mobile apps, sometimes just so to tick off the checklist of a tender. But when done properly, it does wonders in enhancing the service experience. 

The unique winning points of Nomad are:

  • No download required
  • 24/7 Live Chat with our friendly, charming, and super helpful personnel 
  • Instant activation of service with just a click of a button
  • GPS capability that enables us to locate the customer
  • Status check with live updates

Nomad is a plus point to our clients especially online insurers who pride themselves on being industry leaders when it comes to implementing digital solutions.

In all honesty, Nomad is a solution to most of our challenges, benefiting us as service provider, as much as the customer. That being said, when we are able to overcome the common challenges that we (both customer and us) frequently face, enhancing the service delivery ultimately leads to better customer experience, naturally. And that is our end goal. 


Visit Nomad’s microsite to learn more about our Digital Assistance app:

Or get help using Nomad:

Nomad On The Go
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