What’s with the Bean Bag?​

Assistance service is a very niche industry. Many times, people don’t quite understand what we do and it’s hard to fully describe it in less than 3 words. We love asking our job-seeking candidates to tell us what is it that they think we do. Their answers often humour us.

Now how do we help these poor sods? That’s referring to us, for having to explain explicitly on what we do every time. It’s a good conversational starter though, apart from talking about the weather at networking events.

So, we came up with a GENIUS plan – which is, to copy what others do.

We’ll have a blog and the quest for a name began. According to Google, a blog name is “extremely important”, it tells people who we are, and that we should think very hard about it. I looked at the time, it’s my favourite time of the day – brunch. Next to the pantry, a colleague is chilling on the bean bag. Bam! A moment of epiphany! Orchestra playing in the background… 

That was it. The uber lame but very important story of how and why “The Bean Bag Corner” was created.  Oh, were you expecting an epic story?


The Bean Bag Corner, BBC in short, is where we will share our perspective on life, work, tech, testimonials, and everything in between. Probably nothing TED-worthy (yet), but hopefully our ramblings will give you a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and also to put a smile on your face once in a while…

What’s with the Bean Bag?​
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